All I want for my birthday is a Game of Thrones cake and I promise you if I don’t get it I will seriously be sad.

Or maybe just a little let down.


¡Viva México!
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the best thing about oitnb is that most of the inmates look realistically tired and unkempt and don’t wear makeup and then there’s laverne cox looking like she just walked off the red carpet 100% of the time

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shoutout to all the other ex-gifted & talented/honor student/straight a/senior editor/star student/99th percentile/once-creative burn-outs who have, since high school, realized they are truly miniscule fish in a giant, endless ocean, criticized themselves to the point of creative paralysis, and participated in so much self-sabotage they no longer see the point of doing anything at all because they’re just going to ruin it for themselves anyway


this one’s for you

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Apollonia Saintclair 327 - 20130319 Le baiser du Créateur (The Divine kiss)